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Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about ASP support here at Lunarpages.

Which ASP engine does Lunarpages use?

We utilize Sun ONE ASP version 4.0 on our servers. For more information on this particular product, you may visit the vendor's website at

Can I have ASP on all my subdomains automatically?

Unfortunately, since ASP functionality is bound to a specific domain name or subdomain name, you will need to purchase ASP for each of your domain names and subdomains separately.

Check here for help on getting ASP added to your domain or subdomain.

You can use instead to run ASP on a subdomain if you have it on the primary domain.

I require a third-party ASP component that your servers do not come with; can you install them for me?

Unfortunately we do not support the use of 3rd party ASP components on our servers. We only support those functions that are part of the ASP language.