ASP Server Side Includes Errors

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Q: Why do I get an error message saying that my include file cannot be found on the server when I use the INCLUDE directive? However, I tested the same code on IIS and it works fine.

A: If you get this error, keep in mind that ChiliSoft ASP is case-sensitive compared to Microsoft ASP. Make sure the path and filename you specify in your INCLUDE directive have the same case as the actual path and filename.

For example, if your include file named "" is located in a folder named "Shared", the INCLUDE directive in your ASP file should be:

<!--#include file="Shared/"-->

Using the INCLUDE directive below will give you an error stating that the include file cannot be found:

<!--#include file="shared/"-->

Keeping this simple rule in mind will help you avoid many hours of debugging frustration.

Please note, Parent Paths are disabled for security reasons, so you will need to ensure common files are stored in subdirectories which are accessible with full paths.