Addon Domains

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Your control panel, cPanel, makes it very easy to add additional addon domains to your hosting plan. For more information about domain name differences and definitions, please check here. With your Lunarpages hosting plan, this is how you would setup an addon domain from cPanel.

How to Create an Addon Domain in cPanel

Cpanel new domains box.png

You would create an addon domain to point another domain to a subfolder or subdomain of your main domain. The addon can have its own e-mail accounts, but can not have its own control panel. The first step you need to take is to login to your hosting account's cPanel. Once you have made your way to the front page, scroll down to the Domains box, and click on icon marked Addon Domains.

Now you should see the Addon Domain Maintenance screen:


Here is a rundown on what values need to be added it the following text boxes on this screen.

New Domain Name:
The domain you wish to add to the account (such as Be sure you do not add the "www" in front of the addon domain when putting in the address.
Subdomain/FTP Username:
This will become the username that can be used to log into only the addon domain folder with a FTP client.
Document Root:
This will be the folder inside /public_html/ that the addon domain will point into. This should auto-populate and show something like: public_html/
Create a new password for the addon domain. Please make it 6-8 characters and it should not contain the domain name.

Please Note: You must own the domain/site yourself. Adding domains and sites that you do not own on our shared plans is against our TOS. Addon domains will not be functional unless the domain name is registered with a valid domain name register and the domain name is configured to point at the Lunarpages nameserver for your account. To review your nameserver information, check inside the Customer Account Page under "Hosting Information".

Now review the information to make sure that everything is correct, and if so, then you can click on the "Add" button to add this addon domain to your hosting account.

Your addon domain has been created successfully! Now cPanel should automatically setup FTP access for this addon domain, as cPanel creates a sub folder in your public_html directory. You can confirm the FTP account has been setup by logging into cPanel, and then reviewing the information under the FTP Manager > FTP Accounts section of cPanel.

The folder that is created will be under your public_html folder. For example, the domain, this domain would point to the /public_html/fakedomain folder on a hosting account.

Please Note: You may have issues adding on a domain name that starts with a number. This is actually a bug that cPanel is aware of and will be fixed in a future update. In the interim you can get around this bug, by performing the following steps:

  1. Disable javascript in your web browser.
  2. Setup the addon domain.
  3. Re-enable javascript in your web browser.

If you would like assistance with this, we can do this for you. Just contact or put in a Help Desk ticket.

Cpanel addon 1c.png

Removing an add-on domain

To delete an add-on domain, log into Cpanel and click on the icon for add-on domains. Scroll down and click the Remove link, and on the next page click Yes. Please note: Removing an add-on domain will not affect the files on the server, if you need them removed you will have to do so via FTP or the File Manager.

Manage Redirection

To redirect the addon domain to a different URL enter it in the box (after the http://) and click the Save button. Please note: This is for redirecting the addon domain to a different site, you do not need to use this to point the domain into /public_html/addonfolder/ as this is automatically set up when you create the addon domain.