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Working as a referral service, the Lunarpages affiliate plan will award you with cash, just for spreading the word about Lunarpages web hosting to your friends, family, clients and coworkers.

The way this system usually works is:

  • You sign up for our affiliate plan, and you are given a unique user name and link to use.
  • Through a number of different means, you can have somebody click through your affiliate link - and in doing so - have guaranteed you will be paid for bringing that person to Lunarpages if they sign up for an account.

An Example Affiliate

Joe has been hosting with Lunarpages for some time, and wants to sign up as an affiliate, so that he can get something back in return when his friends and family members ask where his web site is hosted.

Our friend Joe signs up as an affiliate, and then visits our banner generator, so that he can place a Lunarpages hosting plan advertisement on his own web site. He copies and pastes the code into his layout and publishes.

Now Joe can tell his friends and family members to simple click on the Lunarpages graphic on his site if they are interested in learning more about who he has a web hosting account with. If they sign up, Joe gets rewarded financially for his referral.

Basic Affiliate Plan Questions

Do I have to host with Lunarpages to be your affiliate?

No. You are not even required to have a website to be an affiliate.

Are we allowed to be affiliated with your competitors as well?

Of course. While we’d love to be the only web host on your review site or the only recommended host you are affiliated with, the best reviews and recommendations are the honest ones. Having several sites listed, even our competitors, is perfectly fine.

Do I need multiple affiliate IDs if I’m advertising on multiple sites?

Nope! The nice thing about the Affiliate Tracking URL is that it will track your clicks, sales, and commissions from any website at any time. When you login to your affiliate stats, just click on the "overview" tab to see where each individual click and sale originated.

For more frequently asked affiliate plan questions, check here:

There is no need to know about HTML or extensive details on or about the web hosting world. Many of our happy customers send their friends to us everyday - and this is our way of saying thanks, by putting some money in their pocket for doing so.

Earn Money on Your Web Hosting Recommendations

The Lunarpages Affiliate Program is here to help you earn up to $300. Simply put, you could pay for your current hosting plan with just a handful of web hosting recommendations. Learn more about how you can get the most out of the Lunarpages Affiliate Program, or learn how you can sign up for free.

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Here are a few more Lunarpages Affiliate Program links to help:

  • Missing a Commission? Contact us at and we can double check to make sure you get paid!
  • Need Help? You can also contact us via the Lunarpages Help Desk, even if you are not a Lunarpages hosting client!
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