Anti Spam Configuration in LPCP

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Correctly configuring your anti-spam settings in your e-mail accounts is essential to do, to prevent yourself from becoming an easy target to anybody who may wish to send you unsolicited e-mails. The LPCP control panel comes with all the tools you need to get your anti-spam configuration up, running and customized for each of your e-mail accounts you have created.


Step one would be to login to your LPCP for your hosting plan, and select the E-Mail Accounts link under E-mail sidebar menu category.


Next, locate the e-mail address you wish to configure, and click on the AntiSpam link that lines up with that account in question. You can configure each account individually.


Now you will see the first screen of three when it comes to configuring your anti-spam settings in LPCP. Here you can setup the basic configurations for SpamAssassin.

  • Required Score - Set the number of hits required before a mail is considered spam. "n.nn" can be an integer or a real number. 5.0 is the default setting, and is quite aggressive; it would be suitable for a single-user setup, but if you're an ISP installing SpamAssassin, you should probably set the default to be more conservative, like 8.0 or 10.0.
  • Rewrite Subject - Text added to the Subject: line of mails that are considered spam. _HITS_ in the tag will be replace with the calculated score for this message. _REQD_ will be replaced with the threshold.

The second configuration screen allows you to whitelist certain e-mail addresses. This is a good place to add e-mail addresses of friends and family members, so you can be sure when they send you something it will never be filtered out or labeled as spam by mistake.


The third configuration screen allows you to blacklist certain e-mail addresses. Add e-mail accounts here from people or places you never want to receive e-mail from. For example, if is harassing you via e-mail, you could list his e-mail address here - and his messages would no longer go through.

Once you are done, you can repeat these steps for each e-mail account you have created under your hosting plan so you can take care of any spam e-mail problems you might be having.

Editing Anti-Spam Settings via Webmail

You can also access your anti-spam settings when accessing your webmail.