Apple iPad Exchange Setup

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Adding Your Exchange Email Account to your Apple iPad.

The first step would be to locate the Settings icon on the home screen. Once you have opened the Settings menu you should click on Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

Ipad exchange 01.png

To add the account properly we will select the Microsoft Exchange option.

Ipad exchange 02.png

Once the main screen has opened you should fill in the following information:

  • Email =
  • Domain = Blank (Empty)
  • Username =
  • Password = Your Password
  • Description = Your Description

Once all info is entered click next on the top right and wait for failure

Please note: There WILL be a partial Failure.

Ipad exchange 03.png

After the failure screen shows, it will ask for one more field: Server. Fill this field in with "" and then click Next.

This will now validate the account proceed to the next step.

Ipad exchange 04.png

Once the verification has completed, you will be prompted to choose which features you would like to have available on the iPad: Mail, Contacts and Calendars.

Choose your options (this can be modified later) and then click Save on the top right of window.

Ipad exchange 05.png

All images obtained from iPad OS 4.0.1