Autoresponder in Plesk

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Going to be gone for a while, but don't want to leave everybody who is sending you e-mails in the dark? You could setup an auto-responder to handle your e-mail while you are away. After setting this up, anybody who e-mails you will get a pre-defined message back automatically. This is how you setup an autoresponder from inside of Plesk.

How to Create an Autoresponder in Plesk

The first thing you must do is login to your Plesk control panel. Once you have made it to the front page. click on the domain name related to the e-mail forward you wish to setup. Now, click on the Mail link, and then locate the existing e-mail account that you would like to make an autoresponder for. Click on that e-mail address, then click on Autoresponders.


Configuring Your Plesk Autoresponder

If you would like to send an attachment with the autoresponce, you will need to upload the file to the attachment repository. You can do that by going to "Attachement Files" under the Mail autoresponders screen. Browse for the file you need and then hit the "send file" button on the screen. After that has been done, it will be added to the repository.

Now, go back to the main mail autoresponder page and click on "Add New Autoresponder" to get going. You can from there give the autoresponder a name. This can be anything you’d like and is for reference only.

You can also have a copy forwarded to a specific address. Next, you need to setup the rules for the autoresponder. You can set it to always respond or just when there is or is not specific words in the message body or subject.

Setup your reply to address if needed, and select your mail sending format to be plain text or HTML. Under the "Reply" section you can then type in the text you need for your autoresponce. To make sure you stay within your e-mail limits if needed, you can limit it to only send this message to not more than "X" amount of people.