Backup MySQL Databases

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Backup feature in cPanel

Log into cPanel and click on the Backup icon. Under the MySQL section, click on the name of the database and you will download a gzipped copy of your database to your home computer.

Export .SQL dump from cPanel and LPCP

Log into your control panel and under the Database section click on the icon for phpMyAdmin.

Then select the database you want to backup and click on the Export tab at the top of the screen. Choose the tables you wish to backup (or "Select All" for all tables). Scroll down and tick Save File As... and click on the Go button. Save the database that begins to download on your local computer.

Use a cron job to backup your database

Review our article on how to set up a cron job to create backups of your databases:

Restore Database from Backup tapes

While we do regular backups of all our servers, we do not provide restores for one specific account, folder, file, or database for free. We charge $75 per hour with a 1 hour minimum for restores or you may subscribe to our Premium Restore Service for only $1.50 per month.