Baruwa Spam Filtering

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Baruwa (meaning letter or mail in Swahili) is a web 2.0 front-end mail-scanning platform that provides an easy to use interface for managing an Anti-Spam. It is used to perform operations such as managing configurations, quarantine management, bayesian learning, management of approved and banned sender lists, monitoring the health of the services and a lot more.

In other words, SPAM as you know, has met its match. Below are a few pointers which can make using your Baruwa filter a little more easy.


You will need to log into your Customer Account Page to retrieve your Baruwa username and password (not necessarily the one you use for your Customer Account Page nor your hosting account). Once you have the login credentials for Baruwa, please login at


When you first log in, you will be presented with the 50 newest emails that have been sent to your domain. This page is always updated with the latest emails. The system will keep 7 days’ worth of email stored on a revolving basis. You may increase or decrease the number of displayed message by selecting a different option from the dropdown menu on the right of the page.



White: These messages are legitimate and free of any SPAM or viruses.


Light Blue: All emails that come through with the Light Blue background or NS (no score) have been whitelisted through Baruwa. By default, any emails from Lunarpages, including all reports, with be Light Blue.


Light Green: Emails marked with a light green background are those that you have marked as Whitelisted within Baruwa.


Light Red: Most likely SPAM. Based on certain criteria, the system has determined it is safe to assume that this email is SPAM. 'Spam Low Score' Lightred.jpg

Red: Based on certain criteria, Baruwa knows this email is SPAM and has quarantined it for you. 'Spam High Score'


Bright Red: Should you find emails with bright red backgrounds, these emails are known to be infected. Releasing or opening these files should be done at your own risk. It is best not to take such action on any of these.


Black: Emails marked with a black (or dark charcoal) background are emails that you have marked as Blacklisted.


To review the content of a given email, simply click on the line item and you will be redirected to a new page with the detail.


The Message Details page will provide you with all the information about the email you will need. You are able to show the sender’s host information, as well as the headers of the email itself (*important for troubleshooting). Message-details.jpg

Should a message be flagged as SPAM (any shade of red) you will find in the upper right hand corner of the Message Details page 3 options:


1. You may add this sender to a safe or blacklisted sender’s list

2. You may preview the actual email

3. If after you have previewed the message and have determined there is no threat within the email, you may release it for delivery.

Found at the bottom of the page you will see the Spam Checks Results. This describes why an email was flagged/blocked.


This section displays not only the results of the checks, but the rules matched to determine what Baruwa would do with the email itself. If in Quarantine, you may release, delete or teach Baruwa what to do with these emails in the future. Bayesian Learn is the tool used to teach Baruwa. When done, be sure to click the green Submit button.

When you whitelist or blacklist something, it only applies to the particular domain you are logged into. It will not have any impact on other Baruwa users that do not have an email address within your domain.


You blacklist for will also now not receive any email from will continue to receive email from because Bill’s domain is not ‘’. Bill needs to order his own Baruwa for his domain.


These are all of the messages received in the last 7 to 10 days.


These are all messages that have been held for delivery. On this page you do have the ability to select multiple items at one time in order to teach Baruwa (bayesian learn).


Shows a full list of emails.



Here you will find a list of all senders that have been approved, or whitelisted, by you.


Here you will find a list of all senders that have been banned, blocked, or blacklisted, by you.



If available, you will find blue question mark icons that provide more information.Info.jpg Simply hover over the question mark.


Select from 10 pre-configured reports that show results in real time, or Add Filters to drill down for more specific results. Once you have the results you are looking for they will be displayed in an itemized list as well as a pie chart. You may continue to drill down by applying more filters, or you may download these results into a PDF or CSV file.


When you click on the Account tab, you are presented with the following information


At the top right of this page, there are 3 buttons


Adding a signature will provide you with 2 options, a text signature or an html signature. You can also enable or disable this signature by checking or unchecking the box.

Should you opt to change your password, please keep in mind that this will ONLY change the password you use to log into Baruwa. This will not change any email passwords, your hosting account password, your Customer Account Page password, nor any control panel passwords.


On this tab you will find the most critical part of Baruwa. This is where the scores for SPAM are set. These numbers were set by us for you based on historical data. We do not suggest setting the ‘Spam high score’ any lower than 7.1 or a lot of SPAM will begin to flow into your mailbox. Unless you have experience with Bayesian scoring, we suggest leaving these numbers set as is.

You most definitely want to leave ‘Enable spam checks’ checked. If this is unchecked, it will turn Baruwa off for your entire domain.


A full report of activity on the domain will be sent out by Baruwa once each day to the primary email address found on the account details page. If you need to have this email address updated, you will need to contact our support team at 877-586-2772 option 1 or