Basics of Blogging

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So do you wish to setup your own blog, about yourself, your favorite topic or one of your projects? These days, blogs are easy to setup and maintain. If you are new to blogging though, it can be a little overwhelming. A blog, for the most part, is like an online diary. You can post reviews of things, your opinions on current events, or anything else you can imagine. Then, people come to your web site to see what it is you are talking about, and they can leave you a comment about it.

For more information on blogs, and what they are – see this entry in Wikipedia.

What Tools Do I Need to Blog?

Here are several third party scripts that you could use to get your blog up and running:

These three can easily be installed by Fantastico, if you have a Basic or Business hosting account. There are also a number of other scripts out there that you could download and install onto your hosting account, if these suggestions don't work out for you.

Basic Facts About Blogs

You may not be instantly successful. There are a lot of different blogs out there about a lot of different topics. Best thing you can do to gain a little more popularity would be to separate yourself from the crowd and do something different.

Create unique content. Don't just copy what somebody else said, and put your own spin on it. Go out and create new and original content. There are a lot of blogs out there that just copy, paste and go on. If you want to be successful though, be sure to put some effort in making your blog and your blog posts unique from all the rest.

Read other blogs about bloggging! There are a lot of good sources of information out there to help you learn more about the world of blogging. One of my favorite resources is They cover all aspects of content creation from post topics to article titles.

Try using FeedBurner to track your RSS subscribers. Some may call this a an ego tool more than anything else, but when it comes to numbers and tracking your success - knowing how many people have subscribed to get updates form your web site is a good statistic to have handy.

Where Can I Get More Help?

We have a forum filled with helpful staff members and customers that would be more than happy to help you with any blogging questions you might have. Come join us at:

Post your questions there, or perhaps you too can help somebody who is looking for an answer. It is a very useful community driven part of the Lunarpages hosting experience.