Basics of Forums and Message Boards

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Forums and message boards might be one of the oldest types of social web sites on the web, today. Here, you can create a web site for like minded people to post comments, questions and ideas. Where the magic comes into play, is that people can then turn around and add to the conversation with a reply of their own. Great for support, or for just any type of topic. Message boards are a great way to add more social interactivity to your web hosting plan.

For more information on forums, and what they are – see this entry in Wikipedia.

What Tools Do I Need to Setup a Forum?

Here are several third party scripts that you could use to get your forums up and running:

There are also a number of other scripts out there that you could download and install onto your hosting account, if these suggestions don't work out for you.

Basic Facts About Forums

Set Your Rules, and Stick with Them! Get together with your team (or with a friend, if your web site has no said "team") and figure out the rules. You should make them to the point, and the shorter the better. The less somebody has to read, the more likely they will read them.

Find Good Moderators Once your web site forums get popular enough, you might want to seek out responsible members to become moderators. They will be able to do limited activities (like move posts, or edit copy) so that you can spend your time doing other things.

Keep Your Forum Script Up To Date! Be sure to stay aware of when new versions of the forums script you use are updated. There might be security fixes or new features you'll need or want to include on your own set of forums.

Where Can I Get More Help?

We have a forum filled with helpful staff members and customers that would be more than happy to help you with any forum questions you might have. Come join us at:

Post your questions there, or perhaps you too can help somebody who is looking for an answer. It is a very useful community driven part of the Lunarpages hosting experience.