Basics of Galleries

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Want to setup a gallery for your photos, art or other forms of digital media? There are many ways to get this done with your Lunarpages web hosting account. Like you would see in an exhibit or art gallery inside of a museum, a online gallery works much in the same way. Visitors are able to browse through your images and interact with them in a number of different ways.

What Tools Do I Need to Setup a Gallery?

Here are several third party scripts that you could use to get your gallery up and running:

Also, we have reviewed many of the popular programs you can download to create your photo galleries for you.

  • Web Album Generator - This freeware program takes a series of photos or images you have, allows you to fill in a few titles and descriptions and then export that work to something you can upload to your Lunarpages web hosting account.
  • Porta - The best lightweight, free, and fast gallery creation tool you will find. Plug in your images and this program will do the rest of the work for you.
  • Paint.NET - The king of kings when it comes to freeware image editing programs. The best open source photo tool on the planet.
  • Web Picture Creator - This gallery tool will help you plugin a list of photos or images and output a gallery to upload to your own web hosting space.

Wikipedia also has a great comparison chart of many of the popular gallery creation tools:

Basic Facts About Galleries

Be Creative - As with any form of media where you are creating things for the public to view, be sure to be creative with your work. Try thinking outside of the box to leave your visitors with a web site they remember.

Add Comments and Social Interaction You may want to go with a script that offers a commenting option, so that others can share their opinions about your creations.

Where Can I Get More Help?

We have a forum filled with helpful staff members and customers that would be more than happy to help you with any gallery questions you might have. Come join us at:

Post your questions there, or perhaps you too can help somebody who is looking for an answer. It is a very useful community driven part of the Lunarpages hosting experience.

Bonus: If you want to dim the background of your page, and have your images show up front and center on a page - you might want to try using Lightbox 2. Check out our tutorial on how to download, install and use it on your own web site.