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To someone outside of the web hosting world, the web hosting and web mastering business can seem like a lot to take in all at once. For those people out there new to web hosting, I wanted to provide you with a guide on how to get started with your new Lunarpages web hosting services.

The basics of web hosting can be split into two parts, the domain name and the web hosting.

Your Domain Name

When you signed up for your hosting plan, chances are you also got a domain name too. People will type in this domain name to reach your web site, once you get it up and ready for the public. You can find a number of different domain name tutorials here:

Your Web Hosting

In addition to your domain name, the actual web hosting account that your pages and files will be served from is another part of the heart and soul of what your new account includes. Depending on the hosting plan you signed up for, you might have either cPanel or Plesk as your control panel. Your control panel is the headquarters for your entire hosting account.

How do you access, upload and download files from your hosting account? You can either use the build in file managers for either Plesk and cPanel or access your hosting disk space using an FTP client.

Your Third Party Scripts

There are also a number of third party scripts and programs you can install to make managing your web site a lot easier. From forums to content management scripts to even blogging programs, we give you a lot of different options, so that you can create the web site you wish to have.

With our Basic and Business hosting plans, you can install some of these via easy "one-click" installs.

We have tons of third party scripts covered here too (just in case you need a helping hand).

Your Customer Account Page

The Customer Account Page (or sometime called the CAP) is the "brain" of your account here at Lunarpages. From there, you can view your billing history, register new domain names, gain access to tons of free tools and a lot more.

You can access it here:

Now What Do I Do?

Now you are ready to start creating, and getting some use out of your web hosting account with us. If you even need any help, be sure to check out this link on how to ask - and feel free to ask us for help at anytime. We are here to make sure your hosting experience is a happy one.

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