Billing Invoices

From Lunarpages Web Hosting Wiki

Reviewing your web hosting purchases with Lunarpages is an easy thing to do. On the Customer Account Page, we offer you the ability to view and print out your most recent invoices. This is helpful to have for those customers who wish to have a paper copy of all of their account related purchases.

How Do I View My Billing History?

First step would be to login to the Customer Account Page, and then you need to click on the link for "Billing History".


Once clicked, you will be taken to your Billing History page. If you scroll down, you can see all of your past invoices. At the top of the page, there is a link that reads, "Click to view all bills in printable version.". Clicking it will take you to a printer friendly version of the invoice list for easy printing.


This page is also helpful when it comes to reviewing some of the following details about your account too:

  • What Date Was the Account Purchased?
  • When is Your Hosting Account Due?
  • Which Hosting Plan Are You Signed Up For?

As always, if you have any billing issues or questions you can not answer here, do not be afraid to contact us at or submit a Help Desk ticket. For more information on a soon to be renewed account, check out our section on auto renewals for hosting accounts.