BlackBerry Exchange Activation

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Setting up your BlackBerry:

Please note that screenshots may vary depending upon your device.

1. At the main screen you should select the settings option as seen below in sample screen shot.


2. At the next screen you should select on Options. This will pull up the main options menu.


3. From the Main Options menu you should select the Advanced Options item.


4. From the Advanced Options you should Enter Enterprise Activation.


5. At the following (Enterprise Activation Screen) you should enter the email address that you are trying to activate and the Activation Password provided by the admin team Once the information is entered you can click either the rollerball button or the Blackberry button and choose Activation.


6. Once this process is completed you will see two more screens. (My device is already activated so I cannot get those screen shots.) They are simple screens though and should require no input from you until activation is completed. If there are any error messages we would need to get a detailed description of said errors and then have them complete steps to allow us to access their BlackBerry Device remotely to troubleshoot.