Actions Publish Settings

From Lunarpages Web Hosting Wiki

The publish settings for Google's should be:

  • FTP server: (change to your domain)
  • Blog URL: (If you used index.htm as the blog filename below)
  • FTP Path: public_html/ (include the ending front slash but not a beginning one. For a folder use public_html/folder/)
  • Blog Filename: index.htm (if in a separate folder or the first page of site you want seen. See note.)
  • FTP Username: use your Lunarpages username
  • FTP Password: use your Lunarpages password

Note: It is possible to use another name such as whatsnew.htm for the blog filename. To use the blog to maintain a What's New page within your site, add the blog as a part of the website without it being the first page of the site.