CGI Internal Server Error

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Why are my CGI/Perl scripts displaying 500 Internal Server Errors?

CGI scripts need to be uploaded via FTP in ASCII format. Delete the uploaded file and re-upload in ASCII. Uploading in binary (or image) format is usually the cause of the error. You may need to force upload in ASCII mode in your FTP program rather than using auto mode in the program, or you can use the File Manager in your control panel.

Also check the file permissions on the script and make sure that they are set to 755. (Folders within the /public_html/cgi-bin/ need to be set to 755 also.) You can change the permissions through your FTP client or by clicking on the filename in cPanel's File Manager and clicking 'Change Permissions' on the right hand side.

Check the first script line for the path to perl and be sure it is set to:


Finally, check the Error Logs to get clues about where the error may be occuring. You can post the error and receive programming assistance by visiting our support forums at