Catchall E-mail

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Here we will help you setup a catchall e-mail address. The first thing you will need to do is login to cPanel or LPCP. Catchall e-mail addresses are handy when you need to decide what happens to all the e-mail sent to you to addresses that do not really exist. Some of the time, this is spam e-mail or advertisements, but every so often you might catch an e-mail where there might have been a typo in your e-mail address.

Cpanel new email.png

Cpanel: How to Create a Catchall (Default) E-mail Address

Now that you have logged into your cPanel account, and you are at the front page, you need to click on the Default Address link. This will take you to the Default Address Maintenance page. The default email address will "catch" any mail that is sent to an invalid email address for your domain.


Select the domain from the drop down menu that you want to modify. To the right you will see the current settings (default is :fail: No Such User Here). There are two options:

  • Discard with error to sender (at SMTP time) - Failure Message: No Such User Here (you can modify this message if you like)
  • Forward to email address - Enter an email address in the box, use a comma for multiple emails

Advanced Options> Click on the link to see the Advanced Options:

  • Forward to your system account "username"
  • Pipe to a program - enter the path to the program in the box
  • Discard (not recommended)

When you are done editing, click the Change button and then you should get a message telling you the change was a success. It should also be mentioned that changing your default e-mail address here will only change the default e-mail address for cPanel and not your Lunarpages web hosting account. To change your e-mail address we have on record for your account, please do so in the Customer Account Page, under "Billing/Contact Information".

LPCP: Set Default Address

By default in LPCP, non-existing email addresses on your domains will be rejected with a bounce back message. To change this behavior and forward emails from non-existing email addresses to a specific email box, please enable forwarding below and input a valid email address. Please note you can use multiple email addresses separated with a comma.

Lpcp default address.jpg

To set the default address, log into LPCP and click the link for Email Accounts. Scroll down to the section Set Default Address. In the drop down menu next to Domain select the domain name you want to use. Then make sure the check box next to Enable Forwarding is checked and type an email address in the box below it. Finally click the Change button.