Catchall E-mail in Plesk

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Here we will help you setup a catchall e-mail address from Plesk. Catchall e-mail addresses are handy when you need to decide what happens to all the e-mail sent to you to addresses that do not really exist. Some of the time, this is spam e-mail or advertisements, but every so often you might catch an e-mail where there might have been a typo in your e-mail address.

How to Setup a Catchall E-mail Account in Plesk

The first thing you will need to do is login to Plesk and get yourself to the front page. Once you have made yourself there, click the domain you would like to edit the default e-mail address of. That should take you to that domain's panel inside of your Plesk controls.

Next, click on the icon that reads, "Mail" and then click on the icon that reads, "Preferences". That will take you to a screen that looks much like this:


As you can see you have three options here.

By default, all un-routed e-mail bounces back to the sender. Check off that you prefer to direct the mail to a specific address if you wish to be able to go through these yourself. You can also set all e-mails sent to nonexistent users to discard. This means they will be deleted without the error messages bouncing back to the sender.

Review your choices again, and once you are sure everything is correct hit the "OK" button.