Change Primary Domain

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Can I change my primary domain name on my Lunarpages hosting account?

Yes, we can change your primary domain name with another domain of your choice. We can change your primary domain name. Please provide the new domain name.

Is the domain registered? If it isn't, we can register it for you:

Contact or put in a Help Desk ticket to request the change.

We would also need to know the following before we can proceed with the switch:

Current primary domain - Do you wish us to remove it entirely, park it on the account for you, or have it as an addon on the account (if you want it to be an addon, we will provide instructions after we switch the domain for you)?

New primary domain - Is it currently parked on the account or an addon on the account? Has it ever been parked or an addon domain on the account? If it's parked or an addon domain, please remove this from the Parked Domains or Add-on Domains area of cPanel or LPCP.

  • Do you have an SSL certificate on your account, and do you wish the new primary domain to have the certificate associated with it?
  • Do you have JSP or ASP activated on the account, and which domain do you want to have associated with the JSP or ASP?

Do you have any custom MX records on the account? - For which domain and what are they currently set to?

Once we have this information, we would be happy to perform this request for you.