Connection Settings for MySQL

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The hostname to connect to is "localhost" if connecting from a script on the server, or your domain name for connecting remotely.


All of our LPCP accounts use a separate database server. You can find the database connections in your welcome email, or by logging into LPCP and setting the hostname to the IP of your MySQL server:

Lpcp mysql ip.jpg

At this time the database server you might need to use could be:


Additional information

  • The database name and username need to be entered exactly as they appear in the MySQL manager in your control panel (ie, exmpl5_dbname). The password is the one you specified when creating the username.
  • When you create a username in cpanel, please be aware that there is an 8 character limit. Extra characters will be dropped.
  • Also, you can have more than one username for a database. If you forget your user password, you may either find it in the script's config file or add a new user to the database and edit the script's config file.
  • Please make sure you have added the database user to the database. You must select the user and the database from the drop-down lists and then click on the Add User to DB button. You should see connection code provided if you have done this.
  • For best results if connecting remotely and if you do not have a static ip address, you need to add a single % sign or your IP address to the access host list in the MySQL manager.
  • The port is 3306.