Cortex Control Panel Administration

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Cortex Control Panel Administration

See also Creating a distribution list

How to setup Forwarding to an external email address from Cortex Control Panel (Exchange Customers)

1. Login to Cortex with your admin username

Exchange tut01.jpg

2. On top menu mouse over “Services” and “Exchange” (Click on “Contacts”)

Exchange tut02.jpg

3. On the Contacts Overview page Click New Contact from left side of screen.

Exchange tut03.jpg

You MUST enter First name, Last name and Email address. (all others are optional)

4. Once you enter the information Click “Save” on bottom of page.

Exchange tut04.jpg

5. Click on “Users” icon on top of page

Exchange tut05.jpg

6. Locate user that needs the forward and click the number under the services column for that user.

Exchange tut06.jpg

Expand the Hosted Exchange option

Exchange tut07.jpg

7. Expand “Advanced Options” and choose the “E-mail Forwarding” option. Click the “Find” icon and locate the contact that was just created for forwarding and click the selection radio button.

      • Note: If you wish to have emails delivered to both mailboxes you need to check the box “Deliver message to both forwarding address and mailbox”. This will keep a copy of the forwarded emails on the exchange account (Server). If not selected the message will be forwarded and deleted from the exchange account.

Exchange tut08.jpg

8. Don’t forget to “Apply changes” and then “Provision” the changes otherwise it will not take effect and will need to be re-done. (from step 5 – 7 only)

If you have issues or questions with performing this task Please feel free to reach out to our support staff either by phone or email and we will be glad to assist you.