Create E-Mail Address in Plesk

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With the power of Plesk and your hosting account, you can create multiple e-mail accounts based around your domain names. You may want to setup a few e-mail addresses for yourself, or for your employees. Whatever your reason might be, this is how to create an e-mail address in Plesk.

How to Create an E-mail Account in Plesk

Start off by logging into Plesk, and then on the front page, click on the domain name you wish to create the e-mail address for. Then, click on the icon labeled, "Mail". Now there are about a dozen settings to go through, here is the quick rundown on what you should fill in where:


Mail Name: type in the name you want before the "@" sign in your e-mail address such as

Old Password: This would only be used when resetting your password, should be blocked out for now.

New Password: The password you wish to use with your new e-mail account.

Confirm Password: Retype your new e-mail account's password here in this text box.


Now in order for it to be a fully functional POP account, be sure that the check mark box next to Mailbox is checked. With mailbox quota, you can accept the default mailbox quota or set a different one.

There is also a check mark box next to "Enable spam filtering". Be sure to check that if you want spam filtering turned on.

Once your done, double check your setting and then hit the "OK" button at the bottom of the screen. You are done! Now you can always go into Plesk, your domain name, and then Mail to create a new account, delete an exiting account or just edit your mail account settings at anytime.

Please Note: The shared Windows hosting plans (not VPS or Dedicated) have an e-mail storage limit of 500MB which can not be changed.