Creating E-mail Accounts

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This is how you would create a POP3 or IMAP e-mail address from your cPanel account. First step would be to login to your cPanel, and then look at the front page.

Cpanel new email.png

Creating a New E-Mail Account in cPanel

From the cPanel front page, click on the Email Accounts icon.

Cpanel new email create.png

On this new screen, you will want to setup your new e-mail account.

  • Email: Enter the user name you want to use for the email account. If you have additional domains on the account you should be able to select the other domains from the drop down box after the @ sign. That is how you would create an e-mail account for an addon domain name.
  • Password: Next put in your password for the email address. It should be 6-8 alpha-numeric characters and should not contain your user name.
  • Mailbox Quota: Set the maximum amount of space (in MB) for email storage. CPanel defaults to 250MB, which you can change to any other ammount, or click the radio button for Unlimited to have no set storage limits.

Now, you will want to double check your information, and if you are ready to create the e-mail account, hit the Create Account button. After clicking, you will see a message that says the e-mail account has been created successfully. You can use these same steps to create as many e-mail accounts as your web site might need.

Cpanel new email manage.png

To manage your existing email addresses scroll down and you will see the list showing the account, usage/quota, and actions.

  • Change Password - update/change the password for the email address
  • Change Quota - modify the Quota (storage space available) for the email address
  • Delete - Delete the email account
  • More
  • Access Webmail - Read your email via your web browser
  • Configure Email Client - Auto-configuration of popular email clients along with manual setup information

Above this is a box where you can search for email accounts, and the top right you can select how many email accounts appear on the page.

Please note: If you have having difficulty with the buttons working in your browser, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for this line: If you need an interface that uses less JavaScript click here. Click on the words click here and it will display the email accounts with less JavaScript.

Using the cPanel User Name E-mail Address

The default email address created using your cPanel can not be used as a regular e-mail address. It is created as a temporary catch-all e-mail address until a new e-mail address is established.

In actuality the "Main" e-mail account is listed in cPanel as simply 'cpaneluser'. This is because that e-mail account is actually recognized by the server as rather than That email address is really an alias, and not a created e-mail on the domain.

While the email address may function, you will frequently experience issues if using it consistently.