Creating a distribution list

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Creating A Distribution List In Cortex (Exchange)

See also Cortex Control Panel Administration

How to setup Distribution Groups from Cortex Control Panel (Exchange Customers)

1. Login to cortex as the customer (if you login as admin locate the customer and impersonate their admin user).

2. Mouse over the Services Icon on the top of the page.

2 services icon.png

3. Mouse Over The “Exchange Option” (only one listed).

3 services exchange option icon.png

4. Click on “Distribution Groups”

4 distribution groups dropdown.png

5. On the left side of the page, click “New Distribution Group”

5 group management.png

6. Give the group a name and click “Save”

6 manage group.png

7. Now you need to give it an email address. Click “Add” (Red Lettering near bottom of page).

7 group details.png

8. Enter the email address and click “Update”

8 group emails a.png

9. Once done it should look like this:

9 group emails b.png

10. Now you want to ad members to this new group so that they will receive emails. Simple process just click “Find” and it will display all users in the domain.

10 add group members a.png

11. Place a check mark in the users needing to be added to the list and then cilck “Add” (button)

11 add group members b.png

12. Once members are added it should look something like this:

12 add group members c.png

13. Now that this is done and all members are added. Go ahead and click save so that it will start to work and distribute emails as intended. Go ahead send a test email to verify its working.

See also Cortex Control Panel Administration