Customer Account Page

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The Lunarpages Customer Account Page (CAP) is like the brain of your web hosting experience at Lunarpages. From this special administration panel, you can control, edit and view many different aspects of your web hosting account with us. Here are all the features and options from top to bottom.

Please Note: Purchases through the CAP can only be done if you have a credit card associated with your web hosting account.

Main CAP Navigation Toolbar

Cap nav1.jpg

This is the main navigation bar from within the Customer Account Page. From here you can get to several other Lunarpages sites or parts of the Customer Account Page:

  • Hosting Information - Gives you the same details that were sent to you in your welcome e-mail when your account was created.
  • Billing/Contact Information - Here you can review or change your payment type or Billing and Contact Information.
  • Pay Bills - This is where you can pay or review any invoices that are due.
  • Manage/Register Domains - From here, you can manage your current domains registered through Lunarpages or register new ones.
  • Web Optima - allows you to optimize your site using recommended practices.
  • Control Panel - This will lead you to your hosting account's control panel.
  • Change Password - You can change your Lunarpages password after clicking this link.
  • Logout - Click here to log out of the Customer Account Page.
  • Help Desk - This is the location of the Lunarpages Help Desk.
  • Tutorials - This link takes you to our Wiki.
  • Network Status - This is where you can find out about the current status of the Lunarpages networks.

Secondary CAP Navigation Toolbar

Cap nav2.jpg

This is the second navigation bar at the top of your Customer Account Page. There are more specific options and links you can choose from here: