Difference Between Basic Reseller and Webmaster Reseller

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Webmaster Reseller

The Webmaster Reseller plan provides a set amount of storage space and bandwidth for one low price which you share among your client accounts.

You create a custom package or packages in WHM for the levels of hosting you want to offer then create accounts in WHM using those packages. You can create as many accounts as will fit into your storage space and bandwidth limits. Storage and bandwidth can also be upgraded should you need more. Webmaster Reseller plans also provide add-on domains so your clients can host multiple websites on their accounts.

This plan is more flexible and starts at $19.95 per month for 50 gigs of storage and 200 gigs of bandwidth transfer.

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Basic Reseller

With the Basic Reseller plan, you sign up for a Master Reseller account and then purchase a client account for each client you want to host based on the discount schedule for number of client accounts you have purchase. Basic client accounts all come with 1000 megs storage and 100 gigs per month for bandwidth. This space and bandwidth can not be upgraded individually or split up and shared among accounts. Basic client accounts do not provide addon domains as they are meant to host only one website each. Please note: This plan is no longer offered.