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Through our money making affiliate plan, anyone can send new clients to Lunarpages, and get paid for their efforts. However, many affiliate plan members want to be able to point their unique affiliate links to specific pages inside of

To send your referrals to a specific page add /goto/PageTitle to your affiliate link.

For example, if you'd like to send your referrals directly to our Basic hosting plan and your affiliate username is "wiki", your link would be as follows: 

If you'd like to send them to our Windows plan, it would be as follows:

When in doubt of how to format a link, visit the page on our website first and take a look at the suffix of the link. You can add that suffix after /goto/ and be sure you're doing it correctly.

Sending People to the Hosting Order Form

If you'd like to send them directly to the Order Page of any specific plan, follow this formula: simply add /secure/order:PlanName to the end of your affiliate link.

  • Basic:
  • Business:
  • Windows:
  • VPS:

How can I send traffic to your other sites?

The link formatting is actually exactly the same as your normal affiliate link. The only thing you.ll need to change is the domain name in the URL.

Please Note: In these examples, the name wiki is used as an example. To use this technique with your own affiliate link, be sure to change wiki to your own affiliate plan user name.

For more frequently asked affiliate plan questions, check here:

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