Domain Name Refunds

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Can you get a refund for a domain name registration?

The charge for domain name renewal/registration is non-refundable as you own the domain name for the next year. Please understand that this is not simply because we refuse to issue a refund. Domain name renewal/registration is irreversible, making any money paid for the domain name non-refundable.

Domain received free with sign-up coupon:

If an account cancels within their 30 day money back period, the total refund will exclude the any fees paid for the domain name registration. The domain name will only remain free if the account stays open for its pre-paid term. This is outlined in the coupons terms.

During signup with the free domain coupon, you will see a charge for the domain. That charge will be offset by the coupon value when you submit the order so the domain will be free provided you stay with us. See above if you cancel within 30 days.