E-mail Autoreply in LPCP

From Lunarpages Web Hosting Wiki

To create an E-mail Autoreply in LPCP first log into your control panel, then click on the Email Accounts icon.

Locate the E-mail address you want to set up the Autoreply for and click the Edit link.

Lpcp autoreply 01.jpg

On the next page scroll down to the Setup Autoreply section.

Lpcp autoreply 02.jpg

To enable, click the check box next to Enable Autoreply.

Next select a start and end date. You can type the date into the boxes, or click the calendar icon Lpcp calendar icon.jpg to view the current month and select a date.

You can now edit the Subject and Body of the Autoreply. In these fields you can use either of these two variables:

  •  %subject% - The subject of the message received by the auto-reply.
  •  %sender% - The email address of the sender of the message received by the auto-reply.

When you are finished click the Save button.