E-mail Forwarders in LPCP

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An e-mail forwarder allows somebody to send mail to one specific address, while it really gets delivered to another e-mail address (or e-mail addresses). The process of setting up an e-mail forwarder in LPCP is a fairly basic one, however it can be a little difficult for some to locate, so I thought I would take some time to explain exactly how it is done. This is how you would setup an e-mail forwarder in the LPCP control panel.

Please note, do not setup e-mail forwards to AOL e-mail accounts. Forwarding e-mails to other hosts (especially free e-mail services) will increase the blacklisting risk for a server as any spam received is forwarded and considered to be originating from our server. Also when forwarding email where spam is also being forwarded this can cause our max defers limit to be hit here if the receiving hosts defers the messages then your mail service may be interrupted

Step 1 - Create an E-Mail Address

Login to your LPCP control panel for your web hosting account, and click on the E-mail Accounts link.


Click on the "Add New" link to add a new e-mail account, (the default settings will do) and then save. Once your e-mail account has been created, click on the "Edit" link next to that e-mail address on the E-mail Accounts page.


Step 2 - Edit that E-mail Address

That should take you back to a screen where you can edit the preferences for that specific e-mail address. To turn it into a forwarder, all you need to do is copy and paste an e-mail address into the the text box marked "Forward".


Step 3 - Setup Your E-mail Address to Forward To

Input the e-mail address (or if you want to forward to multiple e-mail addresses, be sure to separate them with a comma) you wish to forward e-mail from that address to, and then hit the, "Submit" button.


Now when somebody e-mails you at the e-mail forwarder address, it should forward all the e-mails to the person or persons you setup for the address to forward to. For example if the e-mail address was and you wanted to send e-mails sent to that address to each of your own staff members, you would input each of the e-mail addresses, and separate them with commas.

By default, LPCP will not keep a copy of the email when a forwarder is set up. In order to keep a copy of the email on the account simply add the email address in the forwarder. (In the example above that would be