Editing Outlook Setup for Exchange Premium

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This guide is for assisting you in setting up Outlook for AdvanceBasic or Premium Exchange Accounts.

If you would like to set up your Premium Exchange Account on an Android phone, please see Android Exchange Premium Setup for instructions.

If you have a Basic Exchange Account please see Outlook Setup for Exchange for instructions.

Before starting anything a backup of the PST must be taken. There is no exception to this rule. You can find instructions at

To add an Exchange account in Outlook you will need to close Outlook.

1. Go to your control panel on your system, you can usually find it by going to your start menu in the bottom left of your screen and Control Panel should be one of the options in that menu.

1 start control panel OPremium.png

2. When you bring up the control panel, you can search for Mail in the search box at the top right to quickly find the mail settings. Open the Mail application in the control panel.

2 search mail OPremium.png

3. The Mail Setup Outlook Settings will appear and the next step you'll chose is Show Profiles, as you are going to make a new profile for Exchange.

3 show profile OP.png

4. This will list your current profiles, more then likely you will already have the one "Outlook" profile already there that will have your old email.

Premium Profiles4.png

5. Name the profile, for simplicity, we will name it Exchange; It can be named anything you want.

5 new profile OP.png

6. When adding the new account you will want to select the manually configure server settings.

6 manual configPremium.png

7. Select Microsoft Exchange or compatible service.

7 AdvBasicPremium Exchange OP.png

8. The Settings for Premium Exchange are as follows:

  • Server:
  • Select "Use Cached Exchange Mode"
  • User Name: (Your email address)
8 AS Settings OP.png

9. After you enter your information click on More Settings and find the Connection Tab, Then find the checkbox that says "Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP. And Select "Exchange Proxy Settings..."

9 AS MoreSettings OP.png

10. Enter the proxy settings as follows:

  • Use this URL to connect to my proxy server for Exchange:
  • Check Only connect to proxy servers that have this principal name in their certificate:
  • Check "On fast networks.."
  • Check "On slow networks..."
  • Select Basic Authentication for Proxy authentication Settings

Select OK when this is all entered in.

10 AS MoreSettings Proxy OP.png

11. Select "Check Name" when all the settings are input in More Settings. If outlook underlines the Server and User Name then check name is complete and outlook will be setup successfully.

11 AS Checkname OP.png

11 AS Finish OP.png

12. The last step is to make sure that your new profile is selected by default. On the profile screen towards the bottom, you will find "Always use this profile" and a dropdown box, select your newly created profile, in this example Exchange is selected, and click OK. Once that is completed you can start up Outlook and it will load your exchange inbox with all the emails that are on the exchange server.

12 Profile OP.png

Images provided by Zac F., member of the Exchange Admin Team.