Effective Affiliate Banner Placement Tips

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When it comes to placing a Lunarpages Affiliate Program banner on your web site, to advertise Lunarpages web hosting, there are a few rules on ad placement you need to keep in mind.

Google once published a chart that does a good job at explaining where the best places are to place their Google AdSense ads. The same advice could be taken into consideration when it comes to deciding where the best place might be for your Lunarpages affiliate banner. Check out this chart. (Source: Google)


From the chart above, you can learn that:

  • The traditional locations for ads, (very top, right sidebar or very bottom) are not the best places to put ads. This is because they are most common places for them to be put.
  • The less traditional locations for ads, (above the primary content, left sidebar, and under the primary content) are better locations for your Lunarpages advertisements. This is due to the fact that these are more eye-catching locations.

How do you judge a Lunarpages banner ad's effectiveness? Well, that is where the campaigns come into play. They will let you see how one advertisement is doing in comparison with the other. Check out this tutorial to learn more about how to create campaigns from within the Lunarpages Affiliate Program:

As an example, you could create two Lunarpages Affiliate Program affiliate links, put one on the top of your page, and the other one left side of the page and then in about a month or so check back, and see which one is more effective. Then you can move the second affiliate link to a new location to see if you get a better click through response.

Best Affiliate Ad Locations for Blogs and Forums

These three charts, also from Google (covering the AdSense platform) server as a great general guide on where you should place Lunarpages affiliate banner or text link advertisements on blogs and forums.

Blogaff.jpg Forumaff.jpg

We hope this guide covering effective affiliate plan banner placement comes in handy. It will help serve as a guide to you to help you bringing more Lunarpages customers our way so that you can get paid for doing so.

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