Enable PHP 5

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Does Lunarpages support PHP 5 hosting?

Yes, our newer Linux-based web hosting shared hosting servers have the capability of running either PHP 4 or PHP 5*. To enable PHP 5, you must first login to your hosting account's cPanel.

Scroll down to the Software/Services section of cPanel, and click on PHP Configuration.

Cp php5.png

In the drop-down box next to The ".php" file extension will be processed by and select PHP 5, then click the Update button.

Warning: If you have any custom .htaccess content, it will no longer work and you will have to re-add the content. The content will be backed up to a timestamped .htaccess file if you required any content from it. If you use FrontPage extensions, they will cease to function as they add content to your .htaccess file which will be renamed.

Now your hosting account will use PHP 5 by default.

How can you test it then? You can check to make sure it is installed correctly, by creating a PHP Info file. The PHP Info file WILL show PHP5 if it was enabled correctly. If your server does not offer PHP 5 and you require it, please send a server move request to or put in a Help Desk ticket.

*LPCP servers only have PHP 5 available.