Error Logs in LPCP

From Lunarpages Web Hosting Wiki

The error log, for your web hosting account here at Lunarpages, is one of the most important account specific statistics you can gather. This is the place where your account's server at Lunarpages will send diagnostic information and record any errors that it encounters. When problems occur, it is the first place to look when troubleshooting hosting problems, because it often has details of what went wrong on your hosting account and how to fix it.

How to Access Error Logs in LPCP

To access your web hosting account's error logs, you must first login to your account's LPCP control panel. Next, find the link that reads "Server Error Logs". Click it to go to the Server Error Logs page within LPCP.


Next, you will see your account's error log displayed in a large textarea field. The web page within LPCP with the error logs will refresh automatically every 3 minutes. If you need it to update immediately, just click on the refresh button.


If you are having web site problems, the error logs are the first place you check when it comes to troubleshooting your problems. LPCP has made accessing these details very easy, so you can get your web hosting issues solved as soon as possible.