FAQMasterFlex Template FAQ

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How to Change the Look and Feel of FAQMasterFlex

To access your FAQMasterFlex install via the cPanel File Manager or FTP, you will need to navigate to:


Where "nameofthefolder" is the folder name you gave when setting up FAQMasterFlex.

How to Change the Top Graphic

To replace the top graphic, look inside of:


for a file named, "logo.gif". This will be the picture you need to replace. Make sure the replacement image is 239px × 47px and has the same name, "logo.gif" when uploading your own into the folder. Refresh your FAQMasterFlex install, and you should see your image replace the default one.

How to Remove the "Powered by..." Link

To replace the "Powered by" link at the bottom of your FAQMasterFlex, look for this file:


Inside of this file (open with any text editor) look for the text around the bottom which reads:

<td height="50" align="right" class="foot">Powered by NetBizCity. Copyright © 2007.</td>

You can replace the link, by removing the content after Powered by Lunarpages. Copyright © 2007.</td>


<td height="50" align="right" class="foot">Powered by My Web Site Name. Copyright © 2007.</td>

Once you have made the changes, upload the new footer.php back into:


Then refresh your FAQMasterFlex install to see if the changes went into effect.

How to Change the Style and Colors?

To change the style and colors of FAQMasterFlex, you will need to edit the style.css file. This can be found here:


If you require assistance with CSS code, check out these resources:

Once you have made the requested changes to the style.css file, be sure to upload it back into this folder:


Then refresh your browser to see the changes in effect.

Learn more about FAQMasterFlex here: