FFmpeg Hosting

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Does Lunarpages provide FFmpeg hosting?

Yes, we do on our shared Linux-based hosting plans (Basic and Business). FFmpeg is a server side hosting technology that is used to convert and stream audio and video in a number of different ways.

cPanel - The absolute path is:


LPCP - The absolute path is:


Please note: You will need to add the following to your custom php.ini file:

What if I my server does not have FFmpeg installed?

Not all Lunarpages hosting servers have FFmpeg installed. If you require it, and you are not already hosted on a server that has it, please submit a new help desk ticket or contact

Fore more information about FFmpeg, please check out these links:

  • Disclaimer: There is a maximum of 1 (one) server move per customer. If you have multiple accounts that need to be moved, there will be a nominal fee for the moves. Please consider a Webmaster Reseller plan, Scalable Cloud or Dedicated Server.