FTP Basics

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FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. To simplify it, it is the protocol which allows files to be transferred across the Web. Using a special program called an FTP client, you can gain access to the files (documents, files and more) that are on your hosting account. You can also edit file permissions, upload and download content too.

Where Can I Get an FTP Program?

We have several suggestions for free FTP clients, as well as other programs on our blog's free downloads section. Here are a few more suggestions for you to use:

How Can I Setup and Use an FTP Program?

Now how to setup your FTP account inside of each FTP client out there may change, depending on the client that you use. In general, these are the settings you will need to change and update to gain FTP access to your web hosting account.

  • Hostname: or (Change to your domain or server name. If you are on a Windows server and have purchased a dedicated IP, use the dedicated IP.)
  • Username: your account username
  • Password: your account password
  • Passive FTP: ON for linux accounts, OFF for Windows accounts

For additional FTP accounts you have created, be sure to use the full format as the username with the password you created for that FTP account.

Please note: On shared servers, you will need to use port 21 as the FTP port. If you are on a Business Premium Plan, port 2121 should be used as the FTP port.

Using a Web Browser for FTP?

If you use Internet Explorer (or any other web browser) to FTP into your account, enter this into your address bar:

Be sure to change to your actual domain name. We often recommend using a regular FTP program to access your account files rather than the web browser. If an error is displayed (may or may not occur depending on user settings), click on the File menu and the Logon As. You can enter your full username in the resulting box. You can also try:, Where user is your full username and pass is your password.

Secure FTP = Setting Up FTP over TLS

We do not allow SFTP on the shared hosting plans, however we do allow FTP over TLS connections. For example, in Filezilla, go to set up a new account.

File > Site Manager > New Account

Set everything as you normally would, except for Server Type change it from "FTP" to "FTP over TLS (explicit encryption)".

First time you connect to the server it will ask you if you want to accept the SSL of the server. After you do, you will see a lock icon at the bottom of Filezilla.

Please Note: Not all servers are setup to accept this by default, so if you have an issue setting this up - please contact support and let us know, so we can get it corrected for you.