Fantastico Troubleshooting

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Here are a few common issues that come up with Fantastico that can easily be corrected.

How can I correct the following error?

The installation can not be completed:

You cannot install more than one script in the root directory of a domain.
Click on the browser's Back button to fix reported errors.

This happens when the previous installation of a script in their root folder (primary or addon) was removed manually without using Fantastico to remove it, or Fantastico itself may not have removed the previous installation completely.

This can be corrected by logging into cPanel, clicking on "File Manager" then on the folder icon next to .fantasticodata then clicking on the filename installed_in_root.php and removing the section of code that applies to the root in question.

An example would be:

   $installed_in_root[""] = 1;

After this is removed, the script should then be able to be installed in the root of the primary domain or addon domain.

I just installed a script from Fantastico and it cannot connect to the database. How can I fix this?

It seems that some fantastico installations place an extra space after the database name before the end ' in the configuration file.

For example:

   // Database name
   $phpAds_config['dbname'] = 'user_adserver ';

So if you see a script that has all the DB settings correct and yet throws an error about permissions denied, or unable to access the script double check there are no extra spaces in the config files. This was never causing issues until we upgraded MySQL to a newer version (that is more specific about these issues)

So it would be changed to:

   // Database name
   $phpAds_config['dbname'] = 'user_adserver';

If you have any other Fantastico issues, please contact or put in a Help Desk ticket.