File Manager Help in LPCP

From Lunarpages Web Hosting Wiki

The LPCP has a a very nice file manager built into it. But one question you might have is, "how do you use it?". The interface is very simple and familiar, if you have ever navigated through your PC's files or even looked into your account via an FTP client. To access the file manager, first, you must login to your LPCP account, and then find (and click on) the file manager link. It is located on the left side of your screen.


This will open a new window, which will display your home directory, its contents, and the permissions associated with each directory and file.


Here you will see all the folders and files that are hosted in your web hosting account. Most of what you see when you first browse around is "behind the scenes" stuff that you will not need to be concerned with. Everything that is viewable to the general public, will be inside of your public_html folder.

How do you browse inside of a folder?

To browse inside of a folder that you see, you just simple click the file name of that folder. For example, if you wanted to navigate the file manager into your public_html folder, all you would need to do is click on the text beside the folder icon, "public_html".

How do you select multiple folders or files?

To select more than one folder or file in the file manager, simply click on the check mark boxes next to each file's icon and name. This will allow you to edit, copy, delete and control multiple files at once.

What do these icons mean?

These icons are how you can modify your files or folders.

  • Arrow Up - Go up a directory in your folders
  • House Icon - Go back to your "/" directory
  • Round Arrow - Reload the directory you are in
  • Magnifying Glass - Search for files or folders
  • R Icon - Rename files and folders
  • Folder/File Icons - Copy or Move files or folders
  • "X" Icon - Delete a file or folder
  • Globe Icon - Upload a new file or folder
  • Archive Icon - Create a .zip archive from the files you have selected

How do you create a new file or folder?


From within the LPCP file manager, click on the drop down menu in the upper-right hand corner. This will allow you to select one of two choices, when it comes to the type of file you want to create.

  • File
  • Directory (aka a folder)

Next, type in the name and extension of the file (or if a directory, just the name) and hit the create button. This new folder or file will be place wherever you started to create it from. (For example, if you were already inside your "public_html" folder, it would be created inside of that folder.

How can I edit or download a file?


You may have noticed by now that your files hosted in the LPCP file manager have two icons beside them. This is what they mean.

  • "V" Icon - Edit this File
  • Globe - Download this File

From here you can easily download a single file to your PC for backing up or saving. You can also edit any page using the file manager's file editor.