Forwarding E-mail

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When you setup an e-mail forward in cPanel, that tells the hosting account that any e-mail sent to address number one gets sent along to address number two. You can use e-mail forwarders to send all e-mail messages that are sent to an account to another account. If you have multiple e-mail accounts, you can use forwarders to send all your mail to one place so you do not have to login to multiple e-mail accounts to check your mail.

Please note, do not setup e-mail forwards to AOL e-mail accounts. Forwarding e-mails to other hosts (especially free e-mail services) will increase the blacklisting risk for a server as any spam received is forwarded and considered to be originating from our server. Also when forwarding email where spam is also being forwarded this can cause our max defers limit to be hit here if the receiving hosts defers the messages then your mail service may be interrupted

Email Account Forwarders

Cpanel new email.png

To start setting up an e-mail forwarder (also known as a redirect), first login into your hosting account's cPanel, then click on the icon for Forwarders.

Now you are on the Forwarding Maintenance screen:


This page will display all of the forwarders you currently have set up. To see them by individual domain, click on the drop-down box Managing: All Domains and select the domain you would like to view.

To create a forwarder, click on the Add Forwarder button. Now you should see a screen that looks like this one:



In the far left text box, enter the user name for the e-mail address you wish to forward. Next, in the drop down box select the domain name you wish to use.


Now you will select the destination, click the radio button for the option you would like.

  • Forward to email address - Enter the email address you would like to forward to.
  • Discard with error to sender (at SMTP time) - This will return a bounceback with the message you have typed into the box.

For example, if we had set up this forwarder: >>>

All e-mail sent to would forward to

Once you are sure all the information you have entered is correct, click on the Add Forwarder button. You should now see a screen that says your e-mail forward was created successfully.

Email Domain Forwarders

In addition to forwarding individual mail accounts, you can forward all email from one domain to another.

Warning: Forwarding a domain's email will override the default address for that domain.
Cpanel new email domain 01.png

Click on the Add Domain Forwarder to start.

Cpanel new email domain 02.png

On the left side select the domain you want from the drop-down menu, and on the right side you can enter an email address.