HTML Basics

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For somebody new to web design or web hosting, the basics of building a web site can be overwhelming at times. If you break the basics of an HTML page apart though, it makes the stuff inside of it easier to learn.

Here is an example of a pretty basic web page, all in HTML code:

<title>The Title of My Page</title>
The Content for my page.

Breaking that apart piece by piece, this is what each section means:


The tag <html> tag is what is used to show where the HTML code is to start. If you are building a basic HTML web site you would want <html> at the very top and </html> at the very bottom.


The <head> tag is used to give the page special instructions, that may or may not be seen by the end user. It would trail your <html> tag, and end before your web page content got started.


The <title> tag allows you to specify the title for the web page. When you pull it up in the browser, this is what will be shown at the very top of the browser window. When your done writing your title, close it out with the </title> tag.


In between the <body> and </body> tags is where the content for your web page will go. This is what will show up in the browser, where the content is shown. Check out the Lunarpages Wiki page on HTML Formatting, to learn how to format your text inside of the body tags.

More Basic HTML Resources

For more help on learning the HTML basics, you may want to check out these links: is a great place for any soon to be webmaster to get his or her feet wet. If your looking for a good place to learn the basics, I would suggest checking out both their HTML tutorial and CSS tutorial. Quality help and it is totally free.


Another source that helped me out many moons ago was Webmonkey. I remember following along with their tutorials when even I was learning the basics of web design. The also have content for beginners all the way up to experts - so there should always be something new to learn for a while.

Introduction to HTML

It might be a little dated, but Dave Raggett's Introduction to HTML is a good place to review too. He goes step by step through the very basic parts of web design and does so in a way that anybody could understand it. Now wait, that is not all.

Here are a few more resources to browse: