How to Setup Blackberry E-mail

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To setup e-mail for a Lunarpages account on a Blackberry is really simple.

Navigate to "BlackBerry Setup" then open "Personal Email setup". Please note, the Business Blackberry E-mail Server is not supported by Lunarpages. Once you open "Personal E-mail Setup" you will enter in the e-mail address, user name (that would be the e-mail address again since this is how our servers are setup) password, then the mail server.

There are no port configurations, so if you run across those kinds of errors then you will need to contact your service as they may need to install further setup files. I also have an email from them in regards to this as well which I will share with you as it may be useful to understand how Blackberry services require email setups.

Here is some assistance from the official Blackberry support team:

Please confirm the information. Refer to the instructions below for help in determining the correct information. After confirming the information, log in to the BlackBerry Internet Service site and try again.

POP & IMAP Accounts

Internet Service Provider email accounts are commonly either POP or IMAP accounts. You need the following information:

Note: You can find out this information from either your desktop email application or your Internet Service Provider.

  • Email Address: Your email address (for example,
  • Server: The name of the Mail Server (for example,
  • User Name: The portion of the email address before the "@" symbol (for example, patrickmoser in the address
  • Password: The password for your account

The BlackBerry Internet Service site provides a utility you can download to help set-up your email account. This small application searches your computer for configured email accounts and provides BlackBerry Internet Service with these settings. To download this application:

  • From your desktop browser, log in to the BlackBerry Internet Service account. Refer to the documentation provided by your Wireless Service
  • Provider for the web URL.
  • On the Email Accounts page, select Add Account.
  • When prompted, type your email address and password. Click Next.
  • Select I use Microsoft® Outlook™ or Outlook Express™. Click Next.
  • Click Download and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you are still having difficulties adding your email account, visit the online help on the BlackBerry Internet Service site.

Please also note, that most Blackberry services have a 20 to 30 minute time window before the actual email account propagates on their service.

To setup e-mail for an Open-Xchange on a Blackberry, please see OXtender for Business Mobility BlackBerry