Install Vanilla

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Vanilla is one of the most unique forum scripts you will find on the Web. To get it installed, just follow these simple steps.
Please note: If your account is on a LPCP server you can use Softaculous to auto-install Vanilla.

Step 1 - Download Vanilla

Visit the official web site for Vanilla, and download the latest version. Once you have it on your PC, unzip the download. Now, login to your hosting account (either via the control panel or by FTP) and create the folder you wish to host Vanilla in. For example, you could put it in a folder called "forums". Now, upload the zipped download's file contents into the folder you have created for it.

Step 2 - Install Vanilla

Once the files have been uploaded to the folder you wish to host them under, go to that folder's address in your browser. Using our example name from earlier, this would be:

Once there, you should see the first page of the Vanilla installation guide. Follow the on-screen instructions. It will tell you which folder you need to change the permissions for. After that step, you will then give it your MySQL database and MySQL user name information. This must be manually created via your control panel:

For MySQL Server, be sure to type in localhost.

Once that has been done, your Vanilla install is complete. For more help on how to use Vanilla, check out this page here from our wiki: