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Here are some frequently asked questions we get about our Lunarpages web hosting JSP support:

Does LunarPages provide any cryptography libraries?

LunarPages provides the default Java Cryptography Encryption (JCE) provider which comes with J2SE. Unfortunately, you cannot add any other provider dynamically and would have to use only this provider for your cryptography purposes.

What version of Java do you use?

We provide JDK version 1.4 or 1.5, depending on the server, and Resin 2.1 as the servlet runner. Resin 2.1 supports JSP 1.2 and servlet specification 2.3. This would include the standard JSTL and beans. JSTL (JSP Standard Tag Library) is a collection of JSP custom tags; in other words, custom tags will work on our servers.

Do you provide support for Tomcat?

We do not support Tomcat on our shared hosting accounts. This is due to the fact that Tomcat uses more server resources than Resin. If you require Tomcat, you will need to look into our Dedicated hosting options.

Do you support JNDI on your servers?

We do not officially provide support for it, but we have had instances where our customers have successfully implemented it on their websites, without compromising stability.

Do you support multibyte characters on your servers? (Multibyte = Unicode)

Yes, we do. However, this feature is not available as a default, and all multibyte strings must be treated using an explicit call to the getBytes() method. For info on getBytes(), visit

Please note that we will not change the default character set on our servers, as doing so will break our existing customer's codes.

What are the available JDBC drivers?

We currently provide standard ConnectorJ and mmMySQL JDBC drivers.

Do you servers support the JAI (Java Advanced Imaging) API?

No, we do not support JAI API at the moment.

Is JMS supported on Lunarpages servers?

No, we do not offer or support JMS. This library will not work on our servers that run J2SE only.

Does Lunarpages support JNI?

We do not support any type of native library extension to JSP, including but not limited to JNI.

What servlet runner do you use?

We use Resin v2.1.x. which provides fast response times, as the faster that pages load the more likely customers are to look at your entire site and to make a return visit. With fast loading pages, the traffic to your site will in turn grow, then Resin has the capacity to allow your site to expand accordingly. Resin is acclaimed as one of the fastest and most stable Servlet Runners on the market.

JSP Issues

I am having issues with my JSP-enabled account. Who should I contact for assistance? For JSP support issues and questions, please mail Please note: We do not provide support for third-party JSP applications and/or servlets. You will need to contact the corresponding vendor(s) for more information and assistance.