Login to SmarterMail

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How do I login to SmarterMail directly?

To Access your SmarterMail webmail account that comes with our Windows hosting plan, please use these links:

Note: Please be sure to change "yourserver" to your actual server name and "" to your actual domain address before trying to use these. If you have any questions, you should check your documentation that came with your Windows hosting plan welcome e-mail.

Note: Please also note that this only is in effect for those servers that use SmarterMail for the mail service. Servers in the below list do not use this but a local service named MailEnable, and the webmail access for that would simply be

Servers using MailEnable:

  • Araki, Arcturus, Celaneo, Cephei, Chronos, Dulfim, Indus, Kraz, Mettalah, Mextli, Naiad, Regor, Tozi, Voga and Yed

You can also click the Webmail link from inside of your Plesk Control Panel.