MS Access Databases

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How do I setup Microsoft Access Database on Windows Hosting using Plesk?

The following would be how you could use a Microsoft Access database with our Windows hosting plan.

Please note that you must have the database created locally (on your end) and we do not offer any management tools for Access databases.

To use a MS Access Database (.mdf file), you will need to create a folder in the web space (within the httpdocs folder) and give this folder full write permissions using the File Manager.

Please note: If you do not set write permissions, the database can not be written to and can not generate a temp file (in the same folder as the database) required for an access database to function correctly.

Once the database has been uploaded, an ODBC connection to the database must be setup to connect to it.

Click ODBC Settings icon in Plesk for the domain. Next, click Add New ODBC DSN. Give the connection a name. Select the driver as Microsoft Access Database (.mdf) and click ok. In the field DBQ? DB File Path *, enter the path to the database file.

For example: C:\Inetpub\vhosts\\httpdocs\folderyourcreated\database.mdf
Replace '' with the domain name. Replace 'folderyourcreated', with the folder you created in step 1. Replace 'database.mdf' with the name of the database file.

Leave all the other settings as default. Next click test connection. If the connection is successful, then click next and then ok. If the connection is unsuccessful, please ensure the server path to the database is correct.