MS SQL Connection Settings

From Lunarpages Web Hosting Wiki

Connecting to the MSSQL server from your scripts is a very easy thing to do here at Lunarpages. How do you connect to the MSSQL server with your ASP.Net script? The MSSQL database is on a separate server so you will need to use the server IP in your connection string.

Driver={SQL Server};Server=your_database_server_ip;Database=some_database;User ID=some_user;

IPs of our MSSQL servers are listed below:

  • Bois - (eon, hod, mextli, necalli)
  • Castor - (araki, celano, cephei, dulfim, kraz, mettalah, naiad)
  • Raptor - (arcturus, chronos, indus, regor, tozi, voga, yed)
  • Kendal - (blamo, crush, nahum, rocket)
  • Urmom - (bash, tub, maimon, bassu)
  • Kassu - (tressa)