MS SQL Database Management

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What tools do you provide to manage MS SQL databases?

In Plesk, if you click on DB WebAdmin after you have created a database, it will take you to ASP.Net Enterprise Manager. You can also get there by clicking on your domain name in the domains list, Databases, the name of the DB, DB WebAdmin.

We also offer a premium MS SQL Server 2005 web-based management tool for our shared Windows plans called MyLittleAdmin. This tool allows you to manage your own databases, including uploading and restoring your MS SQL databases. Additionally, you can use MyLittleAdmin to manage almost all of your database objects such as creating tables, schemas, and snapshots.

We have 2 methods you can use to log into MyLittleAdmin. First, you would be able to log into your Plesk using area and then clicking on the Control Panel icon, then the "Go to Plesk" button.

When in Plesk, click on your domain name in the center pane, then click on the "MyLittleAdmin Tool" icon under the Custom Buttons option. Once in the MyLittleAdmin area, please do the following:

  1. Keep 'SQL Server Authentication' in the Authentication drop down.
  2. In the Login field, enter your database user name.#
  3. In the Password field, enter your database user's password.
  4. Click the "Connect" button.

The other method to log into MyLittleAdmin would be direct login. The login links for MyLittleAdmin are:

To find out which server/link you should use, check your welcome e-mail. The MS SQL database server information can also be found in the Customer Account Page, under Hosting Information.

Please note that if you have not added a database user and password to your database yet, you would first need to click on "Databases" icon in Plesk, then click on your MS SQL database, then click "Add New Database User" and input the database user name and password (write these down to use for the MyLittleAdmin tool).

Please Note: Remote connections to manage MS SQL databases are currently not available for security reasons.