MXLogic Sender Add/Deny

From Lunarpages Web Hosting Wiki

You can create custom whitelist (Allow) and blacklist entries (Deny) for your MX Logic service.

1. Login to

2. On the top right of page. Change the Drop-Down to read Search Domains and then start typing the domain name as needed. (example used in image below)


3. Once the domain is found and marked in black text you can click on the popup (if provided) or “Go” for further information. If you have access to the portal for your account and multiple domains you can click on “Domains” on the main page and it will list out all domains on your account.

4. On the Tabs, Click or mouse over Email Protection and choose policies.


5. Once on the policies page, double click on the policy listed (Name not likely to be the same as image below)


6. Click on the Allow/Deny tab and then enter a IP address, Domain name or single email address. (Note if adding for a free provider (ie:,, or other) it is recommended to add ONLY the email address which you need to have whitelisted. If the domain is added, ALL members of that domain will be allowed to send without being filtered.


7. Once you have added the domain to Allow List or Deny List, Click save on top left of the popup. Allow up to 20 minutes for this to take effect.